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Flash game from 2013

2016-11-21 16:46:51 by DasSG

It took a very long time to make 7-Puzzle:Infinite and post it to FGL, where it was lost. Due to huge size, there was a remake 6-Puzzle:Infinite - simplified for mobile devices. Posted it to FGL and still no sponsor. Left this project for rather long time now. So - as of 2016 still no sponsor, flash Ads get miserable etc.


After the moderate success of 8-Puzzle: Hex I thought that such 'sliding' game can be played on any graph without dead-ends, so there is always a cycle. Unfortunately the amount of graphs for 9 vertices was too much for my PC to handle, so I went with 8 vertices, essentially making it a 7-Puzzle. However I was tired when making puzzle designs, most graphs looked rather ugly. So - I decided to let the player design the puzzle sliding on its own. The only guideline is that crossing the edges is bad.


Most untanlge-based games used only straight lines, so I decided to make it more flexible by allowing an edge to be curved. That's how the mixed game was born. For meta-game I decided to make levels based on number of edges, so player would proceed from the one with minimal amount of edges to the one with maximum amount. There were lots and lots of levels in 7-Puzzle:Infinite so I decided to use a space/star theme to mark the huge size of all possible puzzles. A good friend of mine wrote the music for this game, it''s his first game-music. The credits part makes me cry.
In fact this game has lots of tech - music fades, cloud generation via perlin noise, scroll with parallax, graphs, bezier curves and is the biggest project I wrote in AS3

P.S. If you liked the simpler version (6-Puzzle), I can post the original - huge 7-Puzzle version with minimap.


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