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It took several years and the sequel to Sanguine is finally open to the world. As a fan of first part, I'm delighted. The game improves on all aspects while keeping original aesthetic and greatly expanding the game world.
Unfortunately such jewels are very rare these days.
Keep up the good work!

This game is called "Nim", not "Logic" - see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nim
There is nothing to think about - humans don't like to perform binary XOR operation.
Nim has the easiest AI to implement, even Tic-tac-toe is harder.
So here is half a star for your effort (graphics and music) - try harder, learn English (or find a decent translator).

Excellent rail shooter - movements are smooth, artwork is great and music is ambient. However there are some minor drawbacks - due to large amount of monsters their sounds are a bit repetitive, so a slight variation would be good. After level 13 there is nothing I can buy from the upgrades, so it would be great if could upgrade even more. Some ocassional mini-bosses or some forks on the road possibly leading to the same exit, but with some tweaks would make the game even better. Apart from that - excellent job!
P.S. I think this game was made by Russian-speaking developers, due to label price for beast upgrades (Cena) and a strange tooltip for ammo (patrons!?). What is "glasses"? "ochki=points"? I would love to play the original Russian version (if such one exists) :)

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Not bad, but not good enough

The sounds in the beginning of the loop remind me Mortal Combat OST. And in the end it's like a noise on the building site. But it's ok I think... I think you are inspired by Scooter. The music is not very easy to listen.

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Adorable ^__^. Even fangs look round and cute. However I think it would be even more with a bigger head and a shiny brooche on a headband/scarf.

RayBeckham responds:

You mean like how you draw your characters? I'd love to see your drawing of Eleanor.

I want to see a character evolve and change over time. I wanted gold eyes this time around... again, I don't know if that'll stay or go with time but the only way to improve something is to experiment.

I'm not sure if I want to lose the scarf brooche or not... kinda looked like a flower/sun which feels a bit too "on the nose". Although, I thought it would be a neat subtle easter egg to make it into a symbol that appears somewhere in a game, which would cause fans to speculate the fuck out of what it means to the character and her past life, ha!

I honestly thought it was a self-portrait for a rather long time, until you set a photo of a guy who looked different. I was shy to ask about it, and it's rather amazing story you got.
While art style doesn't clearly indicate - does he have a beard or sideburns?

RayBeckham responds:

This drawing was a bit of a fluke, and I can't remember exactly how I made it. It involved lots of filtering effects in GIMP, which is why it looks so different from everything else i've drawn.

The character is clean shaven. The idea is that he has long hair coming down over his face and that he has some kinda garment producing those lines on his jaw. I feel like it's too old to edit, cause I can see how it might be confusing and can't really picture what it's suppose to be. This is my oldest drawing by far... we're talking 2004-6ish maybe. Whenever I first got Flash. I wish I had a better record.

Nice sketch.
I do remember playing the Gardener here on newgrounds, and found the concept rather interesting. Oh - and these are still available at kongregate to enjoy.

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